Best Practices for Video

Given the wide range of ways students will be connecting to their coursework during this time, we strongly advise against the heavy use of video in your courses at this time. That said, sometimes a moving picture says a thousand words, so we have some advice on using video.

  • Limit length to 5-6 minutes at most; 2-3 minutes is better.
  • Choose videos that have been captioned or have provided transcripts (eg. TED Talks). If you are making your own videos, you can caption them using the Kaltura service within Moodle.
  • Do not provide essential course content exclusively via video (offer, for example, a .doc file with lecture notes).

In a crisis situation like this, video can be a way to connect with students. Short, regular updates can be provided by videoblog to maintain your face-to-face connection. Videoconferencing (eg. using Big Blue Button within Moodle) is a useful stand-in for office hours. Just remember to provide alternatives for students who can’t connect.